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Data Dialer VOIP


Targeted leads for your exact business vertical available now. New every 24 hours.

After thing a lot regarding investment in industry , it seems though an expensively priced test data-set within your specific vertical could be just what you need to open up your eyes to the benefits of buying fresh data now for your business.

What better way than waking up each morning and having thousands of new customer records to pitch them via SMS, Email, Dialing or even Snail Mail. Or all of those! Wake up and take a taste of the leads!


Predictive Dialer is a system in which software automatically dials customer calls and connect call to agents when answered. With predictive dialing system you no longer need to spent hours to make your customers’ calls as our predictive dialer will automatically dials as many calls as you want.

You will fix a quota of your choice for predictive dialer in order to make marketing calls or campaigns and predictive dialer will automatically dial numbers according to the set quota and will transfer calls to you only when connected. So now you no longer need to go through unanswered calls and wait for a call to get connected, all you need would be to greet your customer and let predictive dialer handle the rest.

Our hosted predictive dialer is a VoIP system where not only you can save time but you can also save money as well. So save your money that you spend on all the hardware components of your phones and get Hosted Predictive Dialer that work with VoIP technology. So work efficiently and effectively and save your money and time with our Hosted Predictive dialer!


Save Money with VoIP

  • Get Lower Monthly Rates/Fees – Actually the low prices happens due to the fact that VoIP technology is built upon the infrastructure of your existing internet service, and because voice data is much cheaper to send over the internet compared to landlines.
  • Get All Inclusive Calling Plans with Unlimited Local & Long Distance – With VoIP, every call is a local call. Most plans will offer all inclusive calling for a flat price, which is still much less than the cost of a landline phone.
  • Free Premium Features You Never Have To Pay For – VoIP includes features that are not available with landlines such as: voicemail transcriptions, auto-attendants, HD Voice & Video, E911, unified communications, and more. These features comes in a standardies shape with all VoIP plans.
  • Immediate Flexibility &Scalability – VoIP eliminates your costs on unused services. These companies offer specialized plans tailer mode to your specific needs, allowing users to make changes on the go, making it easier for business to scale.

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